Our Story - from our founder, Tom

Volcanics was founded in 2018 as a natural, organic and sustainable personal care company. The mission of the brand is to use pure, natural and sustainable ingredients, as well as sustainable packaging to provide a healthy and high-performing product for our customers, while having a positive impact on the planet. It's pretty sample, we want to make the highest quality products for our customers, while promoting the preservation and sustainable use of earth's ecosystems.

I've always enjoyed making things, having a hands-on approach to living. From a young age, I enjoyed cooking, experimenting in the kitchen, and making concoctions out of whatever I could find in the pantry and supermarket. During my college years, I learned to sketch and paint and explore my artistic side. More recently (the past 2-3 years) I started making my own household cleaners and face oils for dry skin in the winter (I grew up in Chicago with cold cold icy winters). I started designing packaging and experimented with selling private label skin and personal care online. I called the brand called Earth Extracts, which I sold earlier in 2018. I decided that I wanted to manufacture my own products for my next project as it was really difficult to find reliable private label manufacturers that sold natural and organic products. I decided to give it a try myself. One-by-one, I started replacing my personal care routine with natural, organic and handmade versions from the Volcanics workshop. My first product was the Volcanics Medium Hold Clay Pomade because it's nearly impossible to find natural styling products on the market for men that are not synthetic or petroleum-based.

More on the experimentation: I started formulating the clay pomade in May and after over 100 attempts, created a product that I really enjoy using every day. I sent the first version of the pomade to a number of barbers and salons in the bay area, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle to get feedback. I also spoke to customers in their salons and shops while they were using the product to collect feedback. I then took their recommendations and reformulated the product to better meet their needs. It's still a living formula and I make small tweaks here and there based on customer feedback. Overall, customers have provided very positive feedback. I now have a small commercial space in the Mission District of San Francisco where we produce each formulation in small batches. 

Our goal is to produce a complete line of men's personal care products that are made with natural and organic ingredients by replacing one product in the medicine cabinet and bathroom at a time.

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