Organic Argan Oil: the Holy Grail of Skin Care Oils

As one of the world’s most expensive oils, organic argan oil (also known as liquid gold) is considered by many to be the holy grail of skin care oils. Like hempseed oil, argan oil boasts a high composition of essential fatty acids and plant sterols without clogging pores. The most powerful feature of organic argan oil is its ability to repair skin damage like acne scarring, stretch marks, and dry skin. The Vitamin E in argan oil penetrates deep into the skin to improve elasticity while triterpenoids work to heal tissue scarring. At the same time, argan’s fatty acids are working to reduce redness, eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and rebalance sebum production to prevent future breakouts. Pure organic argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree: a plant native to Morocco and the Argan Forest. To this day, extracting authentic Moroccan argan oil is a highly labor intensive (and ancient) process done by local Moroccan Berber women (sometimes by hand). This contributes towards pure argan oil’s quality and high price tag. All in all, if expense isn’t an issue, organic argan oil makes for an awesome addition to any skin care routine. The highest quality argan oils are cold-pressed, produced in Morocco, and are certified organic.

Organic argan oil is a key ingredient in the Volcanics Anti-Aging Cream.

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